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Enter, the Shape House

Shape House Larchmont Village

As we all know, recovery is just as important as the workout. We're all about balance here. So, I'd like to share with you - the Shape House. I first found the Shape House through my INTO App, an app that connects agency signed talent with local businesses. A few visits later and it has become one of my favorite ways to detox, recover from intense workouts, and minimize back pain. (Please note: I have only visited the Larchmont Village location. There are 4 other locations: Studio City, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Robertson). So, Thursday evening before the Browns won their first game in 635 days, I convinced my fiancé, Dom, to come with me to "Netflix & Chill" at the Shape House. He, with pure curiosity and no hesitation, agreed. We drove 10 minutes from our West Hollywood apartment to Larchmont Village, found a parking spot on the street, put two hours worth of change into our meter, and excitedly entered the Shape House.

Upon arrival, we were greeted -- Dom signed a waiver and went through the whole spiel as this was his first time there. Then, we were given a basket containing fresh clothes to sweat in. We headed to the bathroom to swap our street clothes for sweat clothes which are provided to you by Shape House (oversized sweatpants, socks, and a long sleeve tee shirt). Afterwards, we were put into separate rooms (TIP there is an option to be in the same room, but we didn't know that while booking, just write in the notes section while booking online who you are sweating with).

And now, the sweat... First, you get on to a bed and are immediately wrapped like a burrito in a heated, weighted, FAR infrared blanket facing a television screen. (TIP FAR infrared rays are 100% healthy and should not be confused with harmful UV rays which can cause sunburns and skin cancer. FAR infrared waves penetrate and warm subcutaneous fat rather than the dermal layer, heating you from the inside out.) Then, you're given headphones and the Roku remote to stream your favorite TV show or movie. And then... you sweat. Slowly, and then all at once (TFIOS except less romantic? Anyways...). I chose to watch a TV show that I've been meaning to start for a while: Atypical, and now I am bingeing it at home. Any other fans of this show? The first 30 minutes of the sweat are a breeze, you start to get overhyped and start thinking crazy thoughts like: "I think I could probably fall asleep in here, it's so cozy!" And then reality sets in at minute 31. You start checking the time on your phone, texting your fiancé to make sure he's still alive, and then checking to see how many minutes are left on the TV show you are watching. THEN, you're met with a cold, lavender towel given to you by your knight in shining armor -- (or the employee, to each their own in a near death experience). Just kidding, but at this moment you know you have just 15 minutes left to endure. You hype yourself some more, "come on, you can do this!" "you better not unwrap yourself from this burrito, open face burritos are less fun and exciting!" You check the time about 10 more times and then VOILA! Time is up! You're finally being unwrapped. You are sweaty AF, feeling great that you survived, and excited knowing there's orange slices, tea, water, and your fiancé waiting for you in the Relax Room.


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