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MmmMatcha, Mango, and Banana Smoothie Bowl

So by now, you've probably seen my morning smoothie bowls posted on Instagram. A couple of you have asked what my favorite one is, but I feel like I'd be discriminating against other smoothie bowls if I just chose one. For that reason, I'm going to start posting some recipes that I use on my blog! Anyways, here's a bomb ass recipe to try for yourself at home!


All fruit should be frozen. No one likes a semi-cold smoothie!


- 1 frozen banana

- about 1 cup frozen diced mango (I buy mine from Whole Foods)

- 2-3 tsp. ceremonial grade matcha powder (I buy on Amazon bc it's cheaper!)

- 1/2 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder (I use BN Labs - which I'll be posting about soon!)

- about 1 cup water (this depends on your blender. The goal is to make the the consistency thicker than your average smoothie.)


Okay, so toppings are really up to you! Mine changes daily depending on what I have in my cabinet at the time. For this smoothie bowl specifically, I used: - coconut shavings- ginger almond cashew granola (from Trader Joe's)

ENJOY! Tag me in your instagram story if you make this or leave a comment below and let me know how it turned out!


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