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Bootcamp for your glutes! (Glutecamp) @ Bünda

Location: West Hollywood (8231 W Third Street)

Type: Strength Training

Intensity: ●●●○○

Sweat: ●●○○○

Amenities: Bathrooms with body wipes and other product to help freshen up (NO showers available), cubby hole for belongings, free towels, and water is available to purchase.

Parking: Free parking above studio (with validation - entrance on Harper)Staff: Friendly and helpful

Rates: 8 Classpass credits. $30 single class. $249 unlimited per month. Other class packages available.

How to book: Classpass, trainbunda.com

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So this was a first for me. A group fitness class targeting, you guessed it… your booty! Take every abs, arms, ass class you’ve ever tried and replace it with just the ass and there you have it — welcome to Bünda.

I first stumbled upon this studio during a long, dark, rabbit hole inducing search via Instagram. I was instantly intrigued. An entire fitness studio dedicated to enhancing your (already perfect... let's face it) butt? Sign me up because this is SO 2018 and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Saturday morning was the day, I was going to dedicate an entire hour to toning my bottom region at Bünda's Glutecamp. I drove 10 minutes to the studio and spent another 15 looking for parking. I passed a garage at the studio asking $10 and I thought no way in hell am I paying that and found a meter across the street.

(TIP: This parking is actually FREE and the entrance is on Harper - validation is good for up to 75 minutes. I wish I had looked this up sooner)

ALMOST late — I entered (maybe ran into) the studio, frantically signed a waiver and I was immediately given ankle cuffs to velcro on before entering the class. If you've never used ankle cuffs, they're basically a padded ankle strap with a D-ring attached to them to hook resistance bands to during workouts. They help shape your glutes, legs and abs! Bünda offers 3 different classes depending on the day: Butt & Legs, Arms & Abs, or Glutecamp. This review is on Glutecamp only - which is offered on Saturdays.

During this class, you are split into two groups. Half of the class starts on the stair master while the other is at the Bünda Station. You do intervals at each station for 8-9 minutes before alternating. By the end of class you spend about 30 minutes at the stair master and 30 minutes at the Bünda station.

I love the energy of the class, the instructor was calling out workouts over her microphone the entire class and kept the energy up. Pair this with an amazing playlist and class FLIES! I love a lower body workout, so I was really looking forward to this class. I never used a stair master before and I think I am already addicted. As far as the Bünda station goes, I loved the workouts that we did, but I don't feel as if it wasn't anything that I couldn't have done at home. One thing is for sure though - I thrive in a group environment and holding each other accountable during workouts. IF I had done this at home, I would cheat myself instead of doing the workouts properly -- so it's definitely best to go to class. All in all, I highly recommend visiting Bünda the next time you find yourself in WeHo.

Side note: I will be updating after I take the other two classes!! Rumor has it they use the slide board and Bünda bench in the Butt & Legs class... I already like the sound of that!

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