Department of Sweat is a lifestyle & fitness brand focused on informing fellow LA transplants, locals, or those caught on the other side of town to the appropriate and most accommodating public and private fitness classes around the greater Los Angeles area. 

DOS offers a bi-weekly, in-depth personal (not produced) review of my experience at a chosen studio in Los Angeles - including: the type of workout, intensity, amenities provided, accessibility, and the staff. 

Think of it as a Yelp for badass women, like YOU, to find your next favorite place to get your sweat on.

In addition to the studio reviews, DOS offers a weekly post highlighting my favorite facet of fitness - whether that be my favorite leggings or a new skin care product to take the sweat away -- check in to find out!

In the end... my hope is that the Department of Sweat connects badass women to badass workouts, pushing YOU to find your true self and reach your health goals. 

DOS aims to actively provide a safe platform for women to feel empowered, connected, loved, and most importantly -- balanced.

©2020 by Julia Titus