Department of Sweat (DOS) was created by me, Julia Elizabeth Titus (JET), a fashion model, pilates teacher (in training), and true-crime podcast enthusiast originating from Cortland, Ohio. I’ve spent the past six years on an awesome adventure, living and working in Europe, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and most recently Los Angeles (which I’ve decided to make my forever home with my now… fiancé!).

On my journey, my focus has always been to discover the very best version of myself, especially after battling an eating disorder for 13 years. My recovery period, like most, was a roller coaster - from therapy to bingeing food (but still vegan- haha) and over-exercising to not eating again and everything in-between. I was unsure of how to balance food into my life. What I can say is it took time, over a year, to figure out how to maintain a balanced lifestyle while listening without judgment to what my body needs. I'm happy to finally say that for the past two years and counting I've been ED free - healthy, happy, thriving, and most importantly balanced! 

So, I developed the Department of Sweat out of the necessity to share my appreciation for three of the biggest influences in my life (outside of friends and family); fitness, food, and fashion (time to put that B.S. in Fashion Merchandising to good use). 

From my years of traveling, I’ve become a seasoned pro to visiting unfamiliar or unique fitness classes and studios - some amazing & some… not so much. But, I no longer want to keep those secrets to myself... I want to share what Los Angeles and other amazing cities I travel to have to offer!

©2020 by Julia Titus